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Dragon Ball
An amazing piece that was sold on Mandarake a few years ago. I'm not expecting to find a "single" still shot in a sea of millions of collectors. But if there's a chance someone on Rubberslug has procured it, I'll try to find it. Very High
The Holy Grail of Cels for me; Sergent-Major Purple/Murasaki in one of the "fight scenes" with Goku. Or any mid-shot of his entire body. I will trade any Cel I have for a Murasaki Cel with a nice BK. Very High
This one I know a galley member owns. Major Metallic (Metallitron) was an incredibly amazing character from my childhood. I offered $500 with no reply and now wait at the gates of Mandarake auctions for a chance once missed. Very High

Curator: round5
Gallery Created: 9/13/2017
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